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Some of us take the Bible literally. They believe that Paradise is a location we will go / enter when we die. This was the main interpretation given to the sentence in Luke 23:43 when Jesus said to a thief crucified next to him: "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in Paradise".

I am not saying that Paradise, as interpreted by various religion traditions and dogmas, is wrong. Who am I to make such a big / definitive statement? What I am saying and sharing with you is my interpretation of what Paradise is and what it means based on my personal experience. 

If I tell you: "I have experienced Paradise several times in my life" you will surely ask: "What do you mean with Paradise?" and, when I give you my answer you will ask: "Are you being honest?", "When did it happen?", "Was it when you transitioned from life to death?"' "How does it feel?" and, obviously: "How did you get there?" and, lastly,: "Can I get there too while I am still alive?".

First of all I think Paradise is a state of mind, nothing else. Since we can have several 'states of mind' we can experience several Paradises although they are all the same because they are all dependant on a certain state of mind (or un-state of mind, depending on what you / we understand for 'state' of mind).

In this way we can connect to Luke 23:43 and the religious interpretation given to Jesus's statement about Paradise, since we associate death with the death of the body and as such with the death of the mind / unconsciousness (and therefore we can / do access Paradise when we are in an un-state of mind, or mindless). Is this true?

We will have to ask ourselves: "What is the mind?", "Is the mind just made of level(s) of consciousness?", "Are those level of consciousness producing our view of reality?" I believe so and that is why we all look (interpret) reality in different ways.

We know that our levels of consciousness are determined by the activity of the brain and we know brain activity is variable depending on several factors but as long as we are aware of the activity of the brain we can consider ourselves alive, or, more precisely, we do consider ourselves alive.

However, we also know that when we sleep (and we are unaware) our brain still works and functions so we know that even when we are unaware (when we sleep) we are still alive, For this reason, as a consequence, we cannot be sure that when we are unaware we are actually dead, we are simply un-aware. 

We are also un-aware when our mind is clear, when we do not have thoughts, or preoccupation, when our mind is totally empty because we are 'clean' from any feelings. 

We could then ask ourselves: "Do those levels of consciousness change depending on our being dead or alive?". Obliviously from a biological and scientific point of view we are told that someone is considered dead when there is not more brain activity for a certain period of time. But is this true? Is it true that if we are unaware we are dead? [If so there are many walking dead people on the planet ;)]

So if we accept that Paradise can be a state and / or an un-state of mind we can also agree that there could several Paradises and not only one because Paradise is nothing else that a perception of reality, our perception of reality. 

It all depends on the interpretation we give to reality and to what level of consciousness we were able to experience. In several occasions I experienced reality in ways that are not common. I entered into space and time and I became eternal. I felt so connected to the worlds and people that I felt we were only one big entity and every single person who was passing in front of me was extremely important (as they were God). I was in Paradise, where we are One with the One. 

How did I get those experiences? I do not know how, but I know that in all those occasions I was in a particular state of mind where there was total clarity in my mind and total acceptance. In a few of those occasions I was listening to music non stop and I think that helped me to be in new state of consciousness. I understood that there are several lawyers / level of consciousness and we can stay there if we allow ourselves not to be in fear when we get there.

I have now master a way to allow myself to get close to those experiences by some practises I have developed, first of all I apply spiritual principles in all aspect of my life, this means for example that I am rigorously honest and I never act out of fear, I do not develop any resentments because I can see my part in every situation that happens in my life. I truly believe I am exactly where I am allowing myself to be and I ask God to give me the strength to exercise my freedom now and always. I believe that I am free because fear is not the driver in my life. It can appear and I can feel it and it gives the great opportunity to understand where I am and which is the direction to take further. 


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There is a transparent line, like an umbilical cord that goes from me, my being, my soul towards the world outside and it feels, and perceives it, and we become one. I am connected. I am present now, to this time and space, into this time, into this space. I am time, I am space. I feel it, is it still, like the water of a lake, still, like the full moon in the sky, sometimes, like the air after the snow; in this stillness, and under the surface of everything there is the beauty of life, the emotions, nature, persons and places and my story, who I was and who I am now and who I have been in between, including all the uphill roads and the sprints downhill and the cold air in my face. It all makes all sense now because I am exactly where I want to be and where I allow myself to be and it has always been this way. #danitringale  - "God is in the Air" 


What does stop us to find the courage to be honest?  Fear What is fear?  Lack fo faith, believe in past experiences Why do we lack faith?  Because we had some experiences where we could not see faith working in our life  Why we did not see faith working?  Because we were expecting a different outcome, we could not see that that outcome was the only possible So it did work?  Yes, faith works all the time, we just have to try Why some of us cannot see that faith work all the time?  They need to build the belief that everything they face is given to them to feel their emotions and release them and be free  Once we are doing this work we will know that faith exist and we will see its astonishing beauty in our life


We all feel shame, even those who try to avoid feeling it at all costs. Shame is a good feeling, it helps us understand when we have acted against our values, against what we believe is correct, when we have acted with a behaviour that is not always adhering with the idea of justice, but more connected to what we have been told is 'right' from our family or our culture which generally is reflected in our family belief system and drive our actions. Shame is just blame reversed toward the self. If we stop blaming ourselves for being imperfect (or for having made the same mistake over and over again) we will not feel the shame. Because there is not shame to feel if there is not wrong doing.  The problem then is to analyse which are our values, our beliefs and our actions and if they are really something we 'should' really feel shame for.  For example we could feel shame for 'abandoning someone' when separating from a person, or for not 'being helpful' even

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There was a time when I thought I had found the love of my life. It was a wonderful time. It was the most beautiful time of my life. The love time. The joy time. The happy time. The miracles time. The cuddles time. It was the TIME.  There was a time when I had found the love of my life. The Love is still there, all the rest is gone. So, now, there is this lonely Love, sitting alone and hoping to be able to give, to caress, to give tenderness and attention and love. What else a little lonely Love, as big as the universe, can do?   It is a big love this lonely little love, it is as big as the universe but its breathing is shallow because it tries not to feel the loss of the "love giving crap" that it is so much longing for. It is also longing for a person, a face, their skin and their happiness, it is longing to make them happy and more happy and more happy. It is a stupid sad little Love that has strange ideas and believes in miracles. It is a little stupid Love that is not wa


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  A long time ago I went to Mexico, to visit a cousin who decided to open an Italian restaurant over there. He was in Puerto Escondido which looked like a getto on a beach where hippies and desperadoes met, searching for a solution that was only within, as it always is.  It was one of his many failure: the wrong side of things to which he focuses its attention gets always in his way; there are men made that way, they are constitutionally being unable to be honest with themselves. I tried to make him see his reality, but he did not like to hear the truth and he asked me to leave.   So I left, and I went to Acapulco. A long time ago, when in Acapulco, I did not speak with anyone for 11 days. When I was in silence, after 3 or 4 days, the voice in my head stopped too and then, after experiencing silence for the first time, I became aware silence was not so silent because you can hear it; it has a particular sound, the sound of silence, of contemplation, the sound of the sun when it crashes


He stopped looking at the past with nostalgia. It happened suddenly, a day when he was in his hometown where he grow up as a child, where his memories laid, the ones which we tend to believe are defining who we are and the way we look at the world, the ones which limits us until we became a little more limitless by stepping in the unknown and taking a risk we have never took before. What made him step into the unknown was the pain of the comfort zone, the place where everything repeated itself over and over again, in a trauma cycle of which we all are most unaware of, the place where there is nothing new, but only the past, and the nostalgia.  That day, in that moment, nothing in that place meant more to him than what it would mean to anyone else who was not born there and did not have any memories attached to that place. Yes, he loved the Neoclassic buildings and their splendor and their magnificence which he used so many times to feel better about himself; and the sea and the wind, b


I feel so grateful today, I’ve seen the world with the eyes of God, with the eyes of love and compassion and joy, with the eyes of empathy, with the eyes of wisdom; with the same eyes some others see the world so we can see the same and feel the same: the sense of the days becoming smaller and the little things becoming bigger, like the eyes of my brother today when he looked at me and we said goodbye, he looked like the little boy I played with, running to collect seashells, endlessly during the summers of our youth, with fake tattoos (recurrent gifts of our mother’s best friend) stamped in our harms and flat chests, fading tattoos with animals, sun rays, dolls, cars and all the rest: the monolithic hope in our hearts and the stupid children’s innocent certainty that things could only get better. I feel so grateful today. #danitringale - "Silver"


Once upon a time Little Red Riding Hood met the Wolf. The Wolf was masked as a Sheep and Little Red Riding Hood, who never met a Sheep before (or a Wolf) could not recognise the difference between a Sheep and a Wolf. The Sheep was very sweet with her and Little Red Riding Hood found the sheep adorable and she fell in love with him immediately as Little Red Riding Hood generally do being very naive and needy of love and attention. Little Red Riding Hood was very loving and caring, and loved the Sheep fragility and the unconditional love the Sheep showed her at the beginning; later in the years, Little Red Riding Hood fall in love and learned to accept all the character defects of the Sheep, including his older age, his unawareness and the inability to to self reflect and his disproportionate reactions when he was pointed out some drawbacks. During that period little Red Riding Hood thought and wanted to believe that the Sheep was sweet and that the Sheep wanted the best for her as much