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Some people believe meditation is a very difficult practice to master.  They sit down with the best intention to meditate and as soon as a few thoughts come up in their conscious mind they start becoming nervous and start thinking that they cannot meditate, they are not able to stop the thinking and the harder they try the worse it gets. They convince themselves they never will be able to do it and it is just a big waste of time sitting down while they could do sort out their busy life.  They think they cannot control they thoughts because someone, sometimes, has told them that ‘being in meditation’ means being in absence of thoughts. Nothing more false (at the beginning and for a while). We want to became the master of our minds.  For every beginner, when they became more aware of the constant output of the mind (thoughts) there will be thousands and thousands of thoughts invading the conscious level. The fact is, the brain function is to create thoughts. Is is true that by regular me