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 The most precious asset in life is time. Time is limited, time is scarce, time can end now.   When I was young I was behaving in ways that were destroying all my efforts for success and fulfilment. I was destroying time. It was so painful to see myself doing it and despite being aware it was happening I could not stop it. It took me a long time to change, one day at the time, one step at the time, sometimes falling back to the same old behaviour, to the same old unbearable pain.  Destroying over and over again, out of guilt for not fulfilling the dreams my parents had for me, for being myself; out of fear of change, of letting go of an identity that was not mine but only a survival kit, a facade, an armour which did not fit and made me bleed.  I was very successful even when I was young but I could not see it. I could not see my creativity, my beautiful mind, my kindness, ingenuity, my love for knowledge and my dedication to justice. I could only feel not good enough. Now, a few decad