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That day, when I went from the kitchen to my living room, I entered into time and space and I became eternal. I don't know how it happened, and why. It just did. It was just a normal spring day, the sun was starting to hit my skin and the big window of my living room, facing the yellowish buildings of a central area of Rome was open towards infinity.  It felt scary, to enter into time and space and to became eternal. For a second or so I just stayed there, astonished. Me, into time and space expanding like oil on a surface, like the horizon when you are at the top of a mountain. Me, a newborn, seeing the light for the first time. A single cell, absorbed into the One. In that moment I had confirmation of the various levels of reality, and of the reality as most of us perceive it, objects, constructions, matter: an illusion of our restricted minds, a delusion; the restricted view of fearful beings, entangled in smallness created by thirst of control, and lack of faith. There, inside


                                        His life had not been wasted, in the dept of desperation he had to dig deeper, to find the gold, his true self: was it the essence of his soul? What it an invisible, all permeating substance expressing uniquely though his own uniqueness? What was it, if not love? What was it, if not the creative assertion of a benevolent God? What was it, if not the freedom of the spirit, the expression of a joyous invincible child governed with self love and attention to move to his full potential, to find his unique way, himself, his beauty, the universal reason he was placed here, like all of us, to serve and express gratitude to God through realising his own unique creative essence; a joyous child, contained by wisdom and humbleness, and moving, into the realisation of his own perfection, exactly as he was when given birth? What was it, this painful search into the dept of darkness and terror, if not a life time journey, in a world of essence disguised and dr


Are Woodstock & Snoopy Codependent? OR are They Working on a Common Project? And if, which is the Project? Here is a list of possibilities (not final or exhaustive): 1. Piss Off Charlie Brown and make him eternally jealous and more perfectionist than ever, by their love for one another and having Charlie facing his perceived failure of being loved by the ‘5 Cents problem solver’ control freak, even if playing for her for years on end, the best Moonlight Sonata on his piano ever played by a kid under 10 (and not Asian, specifically Chinese of Japanese). 2. Write the best novel of the “Siecle” ever written by a non-human entity but not a AI non-entity? 3. None of the above but they are simply scrolling on Instagram & wasting their precious time in developing a dopamine addiction worse than every other addiction experienced by the human race on a global scale (numbers wise)? 4. The PC is off and Woodstock & Snoopy are connecting emotionally and being in the moment? 5. Woodstoc


 It was when he was a child, this little boy, called JJ, that he was placed in a cage of shame. The cage was built slowly, a small bar was placed first at his feet so that when he tried to move forward, towards a better place where he could still make mistakes without being judged, or mistreated, he tripped over it, just because he dared, to be human.  The cage was built slowly, like a plastic object built on a D3 printer. The first layer was built when, for the first time his mother didn't praise him when he got an A at school. He interpreted that omission as being told he was not good enough and he felt a shame he could never forget. From that moment he interpreted every gesture and every omission as directly saying to him: 'You are unworthy'. The emotional neglect, the physical abuse and the abandonment did the rest.  So to cover up the shame, the shame of being himself, the shame he did not want to feel because it burned his soul and hurt, like boiling oil poured on the


We have travelled outside our comfort zone all our life. We were that kind of person who could not go shopping to the same place twice if the shopkeeper was or seemed aggressive. We were that kind of person feeling suicidal if someone would rise their voice. We were that kind of person who was scared of people getting too close to us, or making an abrupt movement.  This is who we were, and still can be, sometimes, when the trauma rises and the darkness arises. Our life, our life has been a painful journey towards self liberation. We, who had to become overachievers to show our value. We, who motivated ourselves with a weep and not with compassion or love. We, the ones who are going towards liberation from the inner critic, the toxic shame and nonexistent self-love. We, the ones going from surviving to thriving through grief and pain and more pain.  Our feet are heavy when we move forward but we take one step at a time. We move with faith, it gives us hope. We move with strength, and co