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Are Woodstock & Snoopy Codependent? OR are They Working on a Common Project? And if, which is the Project? Here is a list of possibilities (not final or exhaustive): 1. Piss Off Charlie Brown and make him eternally jealous and more perfectionist than ever, by their love for one another and having Charlie facing his perceived failure of being loved by the ‘5 Cents problem solver’ control freak, even if playing for her for years on end, the best Moonlight Sonata on his piano ever played by a kid under 10 (and not Asian, specifically Chinese of Japanese). 2. Write the best novel of the “Siecle” ever written by a non-human entity but not a AI non-entity? 3. None of the above but they are simply scrolling on Instagram & wasting their precious time in developing a dopamine addiction worse than every other addiction experienced by the human race on a global scale (numbers wise)? 4. The PC is off and Woodstock & Snoopy are connecting emotionally and being in the moment? 5. Woodstoc