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I studied Law and practised Law because I wanted Justice, sometimes I feel I studied Law because I wanted to know God, since the ideal of God is inherent in every human being.  The Law of God (Natural Law) is Justice, therefore Justice is God, and because Justice is Love, the consequence is that Love is God, and, since another word for God is the Truth [not because God is necessarily the Truth but because the Truth is definitely God - meaning that the Truth is fundamental to attain Freedom, and we cannot attain Freedom without Knowledge, Knowledge of the Truth] we need to have Knowledge of the Truth to be able to practice Justice. Therefore if God (knowledge of what is True) comes before Justice, Knowledge comes before Justice. So the question is, how to attain Knowledge? To attain Knowledge, knowledge of ourselves, we need to put in practice one spiritual principle called Courage, the Courage to accept the pain of the dissolving of the Ego through Humbleness.  So Humbleness comes befo