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 It was when he was a child, this little boy, called JJ, that he was placed in a cage of shame. The cage was built slowly, a small bar was placed first at his feet so that when he tried to move forward, towards a better place where he could still make mistakes without being judged, or mistreated, he tripped over it, just because he dared, to be human.  The cage was built slowly, like a plastic object built on a D3 printer. The first layer was built when, for the first time his mother didn't praise him when he got an A at school. He interpreted that omission as being told he was not good enough and he felt a shame he could never forget. From that moment he interpreted every gesture and every omission as directly saying to him: 'You are unworthy'. The emotional neglect, the physical abuse and the abandonment did the rest.  So to cover up the shame, the shame of being himself, the shame he did not want to feel because it burned his soul and hurt, like boiling oil poured on the