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Some of us take the Bible literally. They believe that Paradise is a location we will go / enter when we die. This was the main interpretation given to the sentence in Luke 23:43 when Jesus said to a thief crucified next to him: "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in Paradise". I am not saying that Paradise, as interpreted by various religion traditions and dogmas, is wrong. Who am I to make such a big / definitive statement? What I am saying and sharing with you is my interpretation of what Paradise is and what it means based on my personal experience.  If I tell you: "I have experienced Paradise several times in my life" you will surely ask: "What do you mean with Paradise?" and, when I give you my answer you will ask: "Are you being honest?", "When did it happen?", "Was it when you transitioned from life to death?"' "How does it feel?" and, obviously: "How did you get there?" and, lastly