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Showing posts from February 7, 2022


Today I experienced joy, it was in the way the trees moved in the wind, they were being caressed and caressing the air, their branches were touching a part within me and moving it, it was like I was breathing through them and for them and with them. Today I have experienced joy, it was in the glance I had with another human being while waiting for the cross light to be green for the pedestrians, like me. We smiled to one another and we knew we were on the same level, we were the same, two of the many souls looking for meaning and finding it within and outside at the same time. Today I’ve experience joy, when I went back home and the lights were dimmed and the moon was over me, big and majestic and a little bit dumb looking outside my window into our fragile world above the figs tree I planted with my love; apart from the fig trees my love and I also planted acceptance and empathy and courage to stay and connect even if one day one of us will deadly miss the other - we did this not alwa