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I love David Bowie phrase: ‘We can be heroes just for one day’ because like all poetry,  is universal and can be interpreted in so many ways and it fits us all. When I was becoming authentic I was telling myself: ‘I can be an hero just for one day’ and I was meaning that I could find the courage to be honest just for one day. Being honest and acting with integrity not only means to speak your truth and set boundaries and act in accordance with your values and beliefs but it also means to act by respecting yourself and avoiding arming  situations (people, places and things and thoughts). This is why being an hero is painful, we have to face losses, feelings of rejection, fear of loneliness and abandonment, we have to face our limitations and accept, accept and accept and ask God to take care of us.  When we face and feel the pain the results are immense. We walk straight, we can look ourselves in the eyes when we are in front of a mirror, we can look others in the eyes. Let’s let God ta