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The most debilitating ‘success blocking’ mental state is the fear of failure. I love playing tennis, it is my sport, I love the sound of the racket hitting the ball, the feel of the ball on the racket, the precision needed to place the ball where I want, the concentration needed to live in the moment, the fast motion of the legs, the slow motion of the toss of the ball when I serve. I love being in the zone, my higher self having fun; the rest, the world, people, places and things are in existent. There, on the court  it is only me, a ball, a net and a point to be made. One point at the time.  I love tennis, because it is me playing against myself, against my limits, against my fears, it is me who cries yes to life, who experiences the joy of success.  I was 14 when my father died, he died of a heart attack while I was at a tennis camp learning to become unbeatable. From that moment tennis became my enemy, it became my grief, my loss, it became my fear, my failure. It became my demon. 


Every time we justify our behaviour we are acting out of Pride. Pride is a debilitating self defeating ego driven behaviour stopping us from growing spiritually (when we place ourselves above others by justifying our behaviours for example, or when we carry on believing, sometimes for years with disastrous results - see the compulsive obsessive behaviour of an addict for example whom despite the evidence of the contrary he still thinks he can control - or even stop - his drinking, or gambling or drug using -  that we can overcome a problem or achieve something with the only force or our self will) and that stops us from achieving what we most desire in life (regardless of what this is).  Pride will stop us from trying again when we do not get what we want at the first try, or will stop us from admitting defeat, pride will prevent us to see our true nature, will stop us to see our part in a controversy, or from searching inside ourselves to find the truth of our feelings or of the emoti