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I studied Law since I have always loved the meaning of words, they are fundamental: the words we use are the building blocks of our life, are the measure of our success, are the pathways to reaching our full potential. Let's be aware, like eagles, watching every thought and every word we say (aloud or in our head or whispered). Only with this rigorous scrutiny we can analyse our behaviour, 'become awake' and change, moving towards joy and fulfilment and bliss.  Sometimes when we look back or we look at our behaviours or others' , we tend to use the word 'should': 'I should have never...', 'I should have said...' 'He should have known...' etc, etc... I have banned the use of the word ‘should’ from my vocabulary. When we say 'should' in respect of ourselves or others, we are regretting, we are not forgiving, we are judging, we are negating our reality.  There is no judgement in love. In love there is only acceptance of reality, this