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The world we perceive is a reflection of what we feel about ourselves. You’ve heard me right, I did say a reflection of what we feel we are, I did not say a reflection of who we are.  When we feel insecure or we feel we are not good enough, we see a world that is defective, decadent, not good enough. So in the attempt to have a reality we like we try constantly to change the world, our house is not good enough, our friends are not good enough, our partner is not good enough, our job is not good enough. After thousands of attempts, anger, resentments, delusion, tears, sometimes suicide attempts, some of us come to the conclusion we cannot change anything apart from our inner world. For some people is difficult to accept that an inner transformation is all they need to change the world and their life is exactly where it can be, there is no other space, it will change as much as we allow ourselves to feel. Once this acceptance is done we are blessed! We can start a change that is real. Be