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When we apply spiritual principles in our life on a constant basis and our soul is clear from fear, anger and resentments because we finally allow ourselves to feel the feelings sitting under dullness or anger (dullness generally sits on top of anger) which are fear and  grief, in this order, we will find connection and emotional freedom. Some people says they cannot feel their anger. This is simply because they judge themselves for feeling angry or the are feeling shameful of feeling anger. In this case they will have to find the 'top emotion' being judgment or shame for example sitting on top of the anger.  [think of yourself of just 'being', you are just a a vehicle for your feelings to be expressed internally, to come and go like a wave, like the wind, like rain -  they come to you, you feel them and so on and so forward - you let them flow without trying to control them, without interference from your mind, without judging them as good as bad, you feel the pain of