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If you believe in God and in the writings in the Bible, it is written that before Adam and Eve, we were immortal (may be the Bible was speaking of the soul). If you do not believe in God, you may want to believe that there is a part of us, which is common to all Human Beings, our soul, which is said to be Immortal. It is a nice thought to have, even if you doubt about it, so hold to it :) The Christian tradition says that we were immortal because we were pure, the Jewish tradition says that we were immortal because evil was kept separated from us.  In any case, the Bible says it was Adam and Eve fault if we became mortal ;) so if there is someone to blame is them ;) - there is always a guilty one in the Christian tradition! :(( -  Their disobedience to God was the cause of us becoming mortal. Citing the Bible in the Genesis 6:3 (CSB): "And the Lord said: 'My Spirit will not remain with mankind forever, because they are corrupt. Their days will be 120 years'." So if th