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We have travelled outside our comfort zone all our life. We were that kind of person who could not go shopping to the same place twice if the shopkeeper was or seemed aggressive. We were that kind of person feeling suicidal if someone would rise their voice. We were that kind of person who was scared of people getting too close to us, or making an abrupt movement.  This is who we were, and still can be, sometimes, when the trauma rises and the darkness arises. Our life, our life has been a painful journey towards self liberation. We, who had to become overachievers to show our value. We, who motivated ourselves with a weep and not with compassion or love. We, the ones who are going towards liberation from the inner critic, the toxic shame and nonexistent self-love. We, the ones going from surviving to thriving through grief and pain and more pain.  Our feet are heavy when we move forward but we take one step at a time. We move with faith, it gives us hope. We move with strength, and co