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What does stop us to find the courage to be honest?  Fear What is fear?  Lack fo faith, believe in past experiences Why do we lack faith?  Because we had some experiences where we could not see faith working in our life  Why we did not see faith working?  Because we were expecting a different outcome, we could not see that that outcome was the only possible So it did work?  Yes, faith works all the time, we just have to try Why some of us cannot see that faith work all the time?  They need to build the belief that everything they face is given to them to feel their emotions and release them and be free  Once we are doing this work we will know that faith exist and we will see its astonishing beauty in our life


WHY AWARENESS IS ONLY A HALF STEP TOWARDS FREEDOM FROM FEAR We are so lucky in this era called the ‘Information Age’, we are able to share, access information as never before. To do so we have a powerful instrument in our hands: our mobile phone. For this reason we are more likely to grow faster by accessing informations and became aware. Awareness of ourselves, of our motives, is  a very powerful step towards rigorous honesty which is the base of self liberation and freedom from fear.  However, I have bad news for those who think that awareness is the only key, since using only the mind in doing this job will take us nowhere. Hoe many times I have heard people, this time I am going to face this fear and move forward. However when the times come most of us back up and act out of fear again and again.  To find freedom from fear, after becoming aware of the fear by being humble enough to accept that every fear is a projection of a feeling we want to avoid at all cost. We create the fear


What is humility? Humility is THE spiritual principle we need first to move forward into inner peace and happiness. Without humility we are deprived of the the ability to learn: we cannot learn anything on any subject if we not humble, this is a fact. Humility gives us the opportunity to look and accept the truth about ourselves. Sometimes when I speak to people and I ask them to be honest, some of them get offended because they assume I am saying they are dishonest and since they do not believe or cannot accept of being dishonest they get offended and sometimes stop communication. They have lost their humbleness out of fear. This lack of humbleness, is connected to the lack of accepting the truth about our nature as human beings. One of our biggest characteristics as human beings is that we live in fear (at some level we are all affected by it). This is true even if you've stopped taking decisions based on fear (as I did, but this does not mean I do not feel fear sometimes, I'


A long time ago I made a decision, I've decided I did not want any regrets. Every single day I've spent on this planet I have done something that I wanted to do and that I enjoyed. I have grown spiritually and I have a crystal clear soul.  I have been a successful person when I have been truth to myself, when I have come to the realisation that my limitations are only an expression of past emotional traumas, when I know that all my reactions are based on fear, when I have been truth to my values and when I have loved myself unconditionally because every unloving behaviour towards other is just a reflection of the amount of love I have for myself. I am successful when I question my motives, and I do, all the time, for every action, and I am successful when I take responsibility for my actions. I do  this with the best of my ability and putting humbleness first. I am good enough. I know Faith took me to move forward when I did not have anything left behind, I had to search for Go


Sometimes it is painful but it is inevitable, we need to do it, to find the truth about our feelings, we need to know the truth to grow.  When a behaviour is recurrent in your life there is an underlying reason, search for it and you will find it and you’ll find peace. Sometimes it takes time but if you are persistent you’ll find the truth. Just ask yourself: ‘Why am I feeling this feeling?’ Tell yourself that you’ll find the truth and tour mind will give tuo the answer.  Once you have the answer ask yourself it this the truth, question it, when it happens again look at it, be inquisitive.


Natural Law is the higher form of Law, is the Law of God (even if you do not believe in God), and as such has philosophical connotations, but put it simple  it derives and it is based on the fact that every single human being has an intrinsic sense of justice, even a child.  So in the hierarchy we have: Natural Law The Rule of Law (Common Law and Equity Law - deal in the Equity Courts) The People The Parliament  Natural Law propagates to Common Law & Equity Law which is the basic Constitution (the Magna Carta) and Equity Law Democracy in the UK is an expression of Common Law which is based on the constitutional principle that Sovereignty is of the People, we stand on top of the Head of State from which the Legislative, the Judiciary and the Executives powers emanate.  Why Common law is the base of our democracy and why is it so important to be remembered and be applied? Under Common law the system of Trial by Jury allows 12 people and another person (who is now a judge but used to


I feel so grateful today, I’ve seen the world with the eyes of God, with the eyes of love and compassion and joy, with the eyes of empathy, with the eyes of wisdom; with the same eyes some others see the world so we can see the same and feel the same: the sense of the days becoming smaller and the little things becoming bigger, like the eyes of my brother today when he looked at me and we said goodbye, he looked like the little boy I played with, running to collect seashells, endlessly during the summers of our youth, with fake tattoos (recurrent gifts of our mother’s best friend) stamped in our harms and flat chests, fading tattoos with animals, sun rays, dolls, cars and all the rest: the monolithic hope in our hearts and the stupid children’s innocent certainty that things could only get better. I feel so grateful today. #danitringale - "Silver"


I've met a lot of people who are having difficulties to make decisions. There are many reasons for this, one of those is that we have missed or felt we missed security and protection when we were young.  Generally those deep feelings of insecurity are based on fear, and fear is one of the worse enemy of being in contact with our feelings. When we are fearful our mind is preoccupied with survival and we are generally in a alert state. In this state we are unable to get in touch we other feelings apart from fear. If we are not in touch with our feelings we are unable to feel if we like something or not, get in touch with our instinct which tells us what is right or wrong for us in that moment. This is why it is very important to recognise first that we are in a state of fear, this can be scary because it can increase a perception of insecurity, but we have to understand that the insecurity was always there, it was us that were 'absent' from feeling it. Once we have accepted w


Today I experienced joy, it was in the way the trees moved in the wind, they were being caressed and caressing the air, their branches were touching a part within me and moving it, it was like I was breathing through them and for them and with them. Today I have experienced joy, it was in the glance I had with another human being while waiting for the cross light to be green for the pedestrians, like me. We smiled to one another and we knew we were on the same level, we were the same, two of the many souls looking for meaning and finding it within and outside at the same time. Today I’ve experience joy, when I went back home and the lights were dimmed and the moon was over me, big and majestic and a little bit dumb looking outside my window into our fragile world above the figs tree I planted with my love; apart from the fig trees my love and I also planted acceptance and empathy and courage to stay and connect even if one day one of us will deadly miss the other - we did this not alwa


I’ve heard some people arguing that spirituality is a by-product of religion. The application of spiritual principles is a decision that everyone can take regardless if they believe in the existence of God or not because the sense of justice that we all have is nothing else that a reflection of us being spiritual beings.  To apply spiritual principles is a decision we take because we know our of consciousness will improve to reach high level of well being simple by, at the beginning, stepping out of fear and take a step into actions that they have never taken before. To take any action out of fear we have to have faith that if we took any action by applying a spiritual principle, the outcome will be always for the good, including first our sense of integrity, connection and purpose which equal to happiness. 


When we apply spiritual principles in our life on a constant basis and our soul is clear from fear, anger and resentments because we finally allow ourselves to feel the feelings sitting under dullness or anger (dullness generally sits on top of anger) which are fear and  grief, in this order, we will find connection and emotional freedom. Some people says they cannot feel their anger. This is simply because they judge themselves for feeling angry or the are feeling shameful of feeling anger. In this case they will have to find the 'top emotion' being judgment or shame for example sitting on top of the anger.  [think of yourself of just 'being', you are just a a vehicle for your feelings to be expressed internally, to come and go like a wave, like the wind, like rain -  they come to you, you feel them and so on and so forward - you let them flow without trying to control them, without interference from your mind, without judging them as good as bad, you feel the pain of