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Even if Honesty is a universal concept and, as such, should not be subjected to interpretations, being such a wide concept it does get interpreted and, as a consequence, applied differently by people.  Its interpretation is connected with culture, family upbringing, personal ideas and values coming from previous experiences, from inner states of fears, etc… Being honest starts to examine your motives and ask yourself: "Which is the reason am I acting in a certain way or I am thinking in a certain way or, which are the motives making me feel in a certain way?" The application of the spiritual principle of honesty starts internally, it is an inside job and then it expands outward like a ripple.  Sometimes in searching for our motives we miserably fail since it is in the nature of every human being in some situations hiding a bad motive under an apparently good one.  We always need to maintain humble and question ourselves even when we feel we have the 'honest’ answer on exa