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One of the question we always ask ourselves, especially in times when life hits hard on us, when we feel pain or discomfort or the loss of something we wished to happen or the fear of loosing something we have, is 'Why I am in this Planet'? 'Which is the reason I exist?' I am here to express myself, to express life, whatever it is. The higher expression of life is love. I am here to express love. But what is love? Love is passion. The reason I am here is to express love through my passions.  I can be passionate about tennis, a person, literature, having a clean house, be honest, expressing my true self, playing an instrument, laying on a beach in my bikini, eating food with my hands, writing a blog, a poem, helping someone, express the joy I have inside and the pain I have inside when I feel them. This is love. I am here to express love. I am love.  Whenever this ability is taken away from me, whenever the ability to be human is taken away from me, my humanity is taken