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Today is the day, the day I am here, alive; today is the best day of my life. Today is the best day of my life because I am at the peak, at the peak of awareness, at the peak of loving and being loved, at the peak of my time, in this minute, in this moment I am having the best time of my life: I have not future and the past is just a construction to which I look with benevolent eyes as we all do; oh God thanks for your  immense kindness to have made us this way. My friends, my fellows, those who judge me and those who ignore me, you are all there, watching your life passing, watching, a world that perish, watching, you time becoming smaller and experiencing feelings and emotions, hopes, desires, and wishes and the touch of a loved one or the smile of a kid, and the wind in your ears and the rain on your head and a new day, and new night and a moon which from the distance seems somehow like velvet: is it telling you the stories you want to hear tonight?  You my friends, my fellows, you