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A long time ago I made a decision, I've decided I did not want any regrets. Every single day I've spent on this planet I have done something that I wanted to do and that I enjoyed. I have grown spiritually and I have a crystal clear soul.  I have been a successful person when I have been truth to myself, when I have come to the realisation that my limitations are only an expression of past emotional traumas, when I know that all my reactions are based on fear, when I have been truth to my values and when I have loved myself unconditionally because every unloving behaviour towards other is just a reflection of the amount of love I have for myself. I am successful when I question my motives, and I do, all the time, for every action, and I am successful when I take responsibility for my actions. I do  this with the best of my ability and putting humbleness first. I am good enough. I know Faith took me to move forward when I did not have anything left behind, I had to search for Go