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It is in our culture to learn to fight, we refer to children who have difficulties as: 'little soldier' and we praise them for being strong and facing abusive reality and accepting it (as injustice for example). When I have heard this way of saying for the first time I shivered inside.  A child behaving like a little soldier? A child who has learned to loose his vulnerability, who has built a facade and pretend everything is all right when inside he is crumbling? I felt so much pity for that little child.  We have been told to be strong, not to cry and face reality. We have been told that when we give up and we surrender we are losers, we have learned to fight and to win at all costs, our integrity included.  I am not saying that perseverance is a 'bad quality' I think perseverance is the only tool we have to reach our full potential as human beings, to move forward toward the unknown. Spiritual growth is painful, it is the most painful journey of humankind but after th