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What is humility? Humility is THE spiritual principle we need first to move forward into inner peace and happiness. Without humility we are deprived of the the ability to learn: we cannot learn anything on any subject if we not humble, this is a fact. Humility gives us the opportunity to look and accept the truth about ourselves. Sometimes when I speak to people and I ask them to be honest, some of them get offended because they assume I am saying they are dishonest and since they do not believe or cannot accept of being dishonest they get offended and sometimes stop communication. They have lost their humbleness out of fear. This lack of humbleness, is connected to the lack of accepting the truth about our nature as human beings. One of our biggest characteristics as human beings is that we live in fear (at some level we are all affected by it). This is true even if you've stopped taking decisions based on fear (as I did, but this does not mean I do not feel fear sometimes, I'