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 Maria couldn't say no. She was stuck in the trauma cycle of her upbringing, of the critical voices she heard and of the shame and guilt she felt when she tried to change. Maria was a product of the ignorance of what it takes to raise a free and an happy child. Someone who is validated and loved. In her childhood Maria received what her parents received and what their parents received too and so on until the beginning of times: invalidation, and nullification; she was just a recipient where her parents discarded all their guilt and shame they could not feel.  Maria could not say no. She was a lost soul. Long time ago when she was a child she had to choose to abandon and negate herself to receive the attachment needed to survive, to receive a little bit of love, just enough to be able to survive. My sweet sweet friend Maria.  Maria was a victim of unawareness and desperation. In the long term she forgot who she was and became a persona, a facade where from she could face a pseudo li


He stopped looking at the past with nostalgia. It happened suddenly, a day when he was in his hometown where he grow up as a child, where his memories laid, the ones which we tend to believe are defining who we are and the way we look at the world, the ones which limits us until we became a little more limitless by stepping in the unknown and taking a risk we have never took before. What made him step into the unknown was the pain of the comfort zone, the place where everything repeated itself over and over again, in a trauma cycle of which we all are most unaware of, the place where there is nothing new, but only the past, and the nostalgia.  That day, in that moment, nothing in that place meant more to him than what it would mean to anyone else who was not born there and did not have any memories attached to that place. Yes, he loved the Neoclassic buildings and their splendor and their magnificence which he used so many times to feel better about himself; and the sea and the wind, b