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It is said that regular meditation gives us the opportunity to became aware of our thinking. This is always a good starting point. Without awareness of our thinking we cannot really dig deeper and get to know who we really are.   Once awareness of our thinking has became an habit, a thing we really need to develop, something that needs to became our second skin since our spiritual development depends on it, is analysing our actions, or to be more precise, the underlying reasons [or motives] of our actions. An action can be passive or active, so for 'taking an action' I intend everything, including not taking an action, refraining from saying something, even thinking about something is taking an action (since our thinking reflects in our reality).  Everything we do (or omit to do) is an action. Every action has an effect on our reality, on ourselves and others. Which are the effects of our actions? TO OURSELVES: Our actions can do only two things: A. move us towards acting from