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 We all act, or refrain to act.  Either way we made a decision to move towards something we believe can benefit us, or move away from something we believe will harm us or not benefit us.  Some of us act with self-destructing, self-defeating behaviours. Those of us, sadly, sometimes are aware of their behaviour but unable to change. It is something driving us from inside, like an unstoppable destructive force.  We look at it deploying in front of us, unable to change, like spectators and actors of a tragic movie, we are repeating it over and over again. This causes great pain and in the long term causes a sense of hopelessness that will stop us even from trying to achieve something we desire in the attempt to fulfil our potential. Sometimes it can also cause self-hate, or at least, self-dislike. A sense of not being good enough that is at the origin itself of the self-defeating behaviour. We start believing we are unable to change the course of our life, that we are doomed to failure an


Humility comes from the knowledge that whatever we are is given to us, our duty is to see who we are, accept with gratitude the gifts we have been given and accept with the same gratitude the gifts we have not been given. To respect our gifts we have to fulfil our potential and this is a 'duty' we have towards ourselves. To fulfil our potential we need tons of humility. Humility to face our fears, and move forward. Humility to accept that the way we see things sometimes is a drawback and it is a way to avoid responsibility, to feel vulnerable, to accept that if we are not able to achieve what we like, we have to try again because we will never find out who we are and which our talents are if we do not try again and again. Humility to accept a 'failure' and try again because the only failure is taking the decision to stop trying.