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If we are spiritually connected we are naturally part of humanity and we contribute to life, we acknowledge others, we validate them. Sometimes it is enough to exchange a glance with someone, or a smile, or even express connection with just a movement at an energetic level. Nothing more. Nothing to do. It will just happen, like life.   Sometimes it is enough to listen, or to be present. Just present in the Present. Moment. Like life. Like love. Like a story to be told. We live, we choose, we are, human. We choose freedom from the burden of self. We choose humbleness. We choose to leave, or to stay, or just to be, without a choice to be made; just waiting, in a stillness full of movement, since the next thing to happen is already showing us the way. And so we are, human, beings, breathing. A beautiful dance, joy, God, or nothingness. We are the air and the transparency of the light. We are nature, stillness and strength, and we are the stars, too. We are awaken and aware. We are poetry.


Many of us takes pride to be perfectionists. We strive to be perfect and when we do not achieve perfection, we just try harder, and harder and harder... Perfection can never be achieved from an emotional human being, it is a mirage, it is an illusion like a water lake in the desert. A perfectionist will find it very difficult to achieve what h/she believes is perfection since he will be never happy with his/her perfection and he will be constantly seeking for a better 'perfect perfection' which is a contradiction in terms.  When we strive to be perfect we are trying to cover up our humanity, our imperfections, our flaws of character, we are trying to control our reality and the perception of ourselves to ourselves and others.  We are dishonest.  We are giving out a false image, we are trying to get a better image of ourselves by mirroring ourselves in the image that others have of us and to do so we seek to be perfect, we do not admit any flaws and we present this 'shiny li