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WHY AWARENESS IS ONLY A HALF STEP TOWARDS FREEDOM FROM FEAR We are so lucky in this era called the ‘Information Age’, we are able to share, access information as never before. To do so we have a powerful instrument in our hands: our mobile phone. For this reason we are more likely to grow faster by accessing informations and became aware. Awareness of ourselves, of our motives, is  a very powerful step towards rigorous honesty which is the base of self liberation and freedom from fear.  However, I have bad news for those who think that awareness is the only key, since using only the mind in doing this job will take us nowhere. Hoe many times I have heard people, this time I am going to face this fear and move forward. However when the times come most of us back up and act out of fear again and again.  To find freedom from fear, after becoming aware of the fear by being humble enough to accept that every fear is a projection of a feeling we want to avoid at all cost. We create the fear