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Which is the connection between feelings and needs? Why it is so important to allow ourselves to feel our true feelings? It is anger a true feeling or just a cover up feeling? We've have learned that expressing anger is 'bad', it is 'rude', it is inappropriate. Lots of us have learned to repress their anger, to let it go inside of us, becoming a series of self-defeating behaviours and self-hate (a much more subtle way of expressing our anger). To feel and recognise our anger helps us to understand our feelings and our needs. Having learned not to express our anger, we are unable to make any decision at all, because the inability to feel our anger removes from us the ability to feel and understand our needs. We are 'needless', empty shells, basically we are only 'anger' but we cannot see it, having built a 'facade' that is very similar to 'being human' but disconnected to our true feelings. Therefore every time we feel anger, we have t