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Self will, we praise it. We encourage it. We recognise it as a quality. We seek it and, if we do not have it, we feel ‘less than’… Self will, the devil of human nature, the joy depriver, the egoism who takes what does not belong, the ‘one’ to whom everything has to be given: other people feelings and our humanity, and theirs.  Self will, the liar, telling us that we can do it on our own force, without help, because we are strong, because we are…God There is not strength in self will, but only a stubbornness that will dissolve, like sugar in the water, like love into hate, like big into small, one step at the time, toward the abyss and into nothingness. To resuscitate into humbleness. And after that, when of us, of our ‘self’ nothing will remain, we will blossom from the humbleness of the grandiosity of the grace of God and we will be reborn, as human beings for the first time.