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That day, when I went from the kitchen to my living room, I entered into time and space and I became eternal. I don't know how it happened, and why. It just did. It was just a normal spring day, the sun was starting to hit my skin and the big window of my living room, facing the yellowish buildings of a central area of Rome was open towards infinity.  It felt scary, to enter into time and space and to became eternal. For a second or so I just stayed there, astonished. Me, into time and space expanding like oil on a surface, like the horizon when you are at the top of a mountain. Me, a newborn, seeing the light for the first time. A single cell, absorbed into the One. In that moment I had confirmation of the various levels of reality, and of the reality as most of us perceive it, objects, constructions, matter: an illusion of our restricted minds, a delusion; the restricted view of fearful beings, entangled in smallness created by thirst of control, and lack of faith. There, inside