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We admire persons who act with integrity, meaning that they respect the words they say, they are honest and respect the promises they make. It is very difficult to act with integrity if we live in fear, fear of not being accepted, or not being liked, ultimately fear of not being loved, in this fear we forget our values and act dishonestly only because we are begging for love. This is common for a lot of people. How to move forward? How to overcame this paralysing  fear?  First of all we need to understand what we need, and to do so we need to give a name to our feelings.  Unfortunately one of the consequence of fear is that when we are in fear we loose awareness. We became less aware of our feelings, for example. So we have to find a way to remove the fear, to accept that even IF we will not be loved when we are ourselves or speak our truth (the idea of not being loved is a projection in the future a reflection of our thinking that creates the fear) we will survive. How to remove the f