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Being humble gets easily confused with being humiliated.  In today’s world, where in many occasions our public figure, the social platforms ‘facade’ has taken over our humanity and vulnerability, humbleness sounds like ‘a Bible preaching stuff’ or a ‘Jesus like’ behaviour that takes us nowhere and it is not even considered as an option. If we want to grow spiritually, we have to recognise that the reality is quite the opposite. For example,m if you speak or watch any sport star, let’s speak about Emma, for example, (I am sure lots of you know of whom I am taking about after the US Open 😀💕), she has deployed a lot of humbleness to be able, day after day, since she was a child to learn and improve her strokes, her serve, and make minimal changes day in and day out; she has to face her fears, work on her mental strength, to feel her fear of failure - which requires lots of humbleness to fail over and over again and needs to be firstly addressed (by failing over and over again and accept