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Some of us take the Bible literally. They believe that Paradise is a location we will go / enter when we die. This was the main interpretation given to the sentence in Luke 23:43 when Jesus said to a thief crucified next to him: "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in Paradise". I am not saying that Paradise, as interpreted by various religion traditions and dogmas, is wrong. Who am I to make such a big / definitive statement? What I am saying and sharing with you is my interpretation of what Paradise is and what it means based on my personal experience.  If I tell you: "I have experienced Paradise several times in my life" you will surely ask: "What do you mean with Paradise?" and, when I give you my answer you will ask: "Are you being honest?", "When did it happen?", "Was it when you transitioned from life to death?"' "How does it feel?" and, obviously: "How did you get there?" and, lastly


 It is time to get to sleep but I am awake. I am awake and I am feeling about a loss; a long lasting loss. I tried to avoid feeling it for a thousand years; with all my heart, with all my self-will, with all I had, and more. Tonight, I am feeling about a long lasting loss. This is the time to go to sleep, you know, but I am awake and I am letting go of a loss. It is painful to let go, it feels like a burn that keeps on burning until a sac of water is created to cool it down. Once it stops burning, you'll feel the emptiness for the loss not being present, you'll feel the emptiness created from the lack of the loss; you'll feel the emptiness instead of the loss and this will be as painful as feeling the loss.  This will be as painful as knowing that what you always had was the loss and not the presence; it was not real, the presence, because when you thought the presence was present, it was just an illusion of your mind; a denial of the truth. a desire of not wanting to feel


A person last night commented saying that his home is where he can find total freedom. Is this true? Or some of us just delude themselves into believing that their home is the place where they are living they absolute freedom because there are no restrictions beyond the mental ones, such as worries, or fierce self-criticism for example, or forever ruminating on the past or all-consuming anxiety about the future.  I believe freedom is much more than that; a very good point is that we can be free everywhere when our mind is free; when we have reached the faith (or trust) that everything that happens to us in life has a meaning that is simply condensed in our spiritual development; and we live this life as an invaluable gift, and we draw from it, free and grateful, our very essence which is expressed with equal freedom in the vulnerability or our fragile human condition, even there when, in emotional suffering, we obsessively seek and dig deep to still feel immense gratitude for the intri


  A long time ago I went to Mexico, to visit a cousin who decided to open an Italian restaurant over there. He was in Puerto Escondido which looked like a getto on a beach where hippies and desperadoes met, searching for a solution that was only within, as it always is.  It was one of his many failure: the wrong side of things to which he focuses its attention gets always in his way; there are men made that way, they are constitutionally being unable to be honest with themselves. I tried to make him see his reality, but he did not like to hear the truth and he asked me to leave.   So I left, and I went to Acapulco. A long time ago, when in Acapulco, I did not speak with anyone for 11 days. When I was in silence, after 3 or 4 days, the voice in my head stopped too and then, after experiencing silence for the first time, I became aware silence was not so silent because you can hear it; it has a particular sound, the sound of silence, of contemplation, the sound of the sun when it crashes


Qui Pro Quo. We believe that being loving to someone means compromising. We believe that to show love we have to give away ourselves. If you want to stop loving someone start compromising and soon your love will disappear, dissolve, vanish into a massive resentment.  True love is not an action against your own desires and needs. True love is being true to yourself. True love is a feeling. True love exists or doesn't. It cannot be created. It cannot be taken from you. It cannot be demanded.   Be strong. You are not egoistic. Be strong. You have your life. It is yours. It belongs to you. God has given it to you. It is His gift to you. You do not have to give it to anyone else. It is yours. Use it as you please.  Those who love you will love your honestly, your integrity and from those qualities they will know you love them because you never lie to them, you never compromise to keep the peace, to save someone or rescue them. You were born free. Freedom is all you have. Be free. Feel f