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Most of us feel shame, or better said, most of us are able to get in contact with their shame. Some persons don't because the shame they have felt as children was so severe that they've disconnected from their real self and created a fake personality which allowed them to survive without feeling vulnerable again.  Those in this situation have a chance of living a 'real life' if they do a lot of work on themselves, ask for help and find the courage, even at small steps, to accept their humanity and by doing they allow themselves to be in contact with their vulnerability, lose control and accept their drawbacks, and, by being able to stay and feel all those feelings connected with feeling vulnerable as children including shame and guilt without running back to the fake personality which makes them feel safe and untouchable, they are reborn.  Shame, contrary to guilt, is a feeling which entails a negative judgment of oneself, people ridden with shame feel they are bad, wor