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When I did not know how to be free, or what freedom meant and how to obtain it (meaning following my wishes and desires, valuing my time, being able to say no when I felt so, speaking my truth) I was placing fake love above freedom. How is it? And what is the difference between true love and fake love? Is there something like fake love and how do we identify it within ourselves?  Fake Love: We exercise 'fake love' every time we think we ought to so something for someone else, or we ought to say something, or we ought to behave in a certain way, because we feel we own this 'something' to someone or because we are terrorised of asserting our needs (some people have behaved this was for so long they do not even recognise their needs anymore).  Every time we act in those ways we are exercising 'fake love'. What does fake love do to the person 'doing the fake love' and to others? TO THE PERSON DOING 'FAKE LOVE': it diminishes that person, his/her self