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                                        His life had not been wasted, in the dept of desperation he had to dig deeper, to find the gold, his true self: was it the essence of his soul? What it an invisible, all permeating substance expressing uniquely though his own uniqueness? What was it, if not love? What was it, if not the creative assertion of a benevolent God? What was it, if not the freedom of the spirit, the expression of a joyous invincible child governed with self love and attention to move to his full potential, to find his unique way, himself, his beauty, the universal reason he was placed here, like all of us, to serve and express gratitude to God through realising his own unique creative essence; a joyous child, contained by wisdom and humbleness, and moving, into the realisation of his own perfection, exactly as he was when given birth? What was it, this painful search into the dept of darkness and terror, if not a life time journey, in a world of essence disguised and dr